The Valiant

The untold story of Picard’s first command!

GN-39 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released April 2000

Three hundred years ago, the Valiant was destroyed during an ill-fated attempt to cross the legendary Galactic Barrier. Starfleet had always assumed that the Valiant had perished with all hands aboard, until a pair of unusual humanoids arrive at Starbase 209, claiming to be the descendants of a handful of Valiant survivors who found refuge on an M-Class planet beyond the Barrier.

Even more shocking, the visitors warn that a hostile alien species, the Nuyyad, are preparing to invade the galaxy. Uncertain of how much of the strangers’ story to believe, Starfleet orders the U.S.S. Stargazer to investigate at once.

Lieutenant Commander Jean-Luc Picard is second officer on the Stargazer. A young man who has yet to command a vessel of his own, he soon develops a special bond with one of the visitors, a strikingly beautiful woman who has inherited mysterious psychic abilities from her alleged Starfleet ancestors. But can Picard truly trust her?

Written by Michael Jan Friedman


Guest Cast:


My God, Captain Tarasco thought, how many more?

He watched as they lay Zosky down, as Gorovy took a moment to examine her with his bio-scanner . . . and as they pulled the blanket over her face.

The doctor eyed Tarasco. “Maybe you should get back to the bridge,” he suggested.

The captain nodded. “Maybe.”

He had started to leave sickbay when Chief Engineer McMillan came shuffling in with one of his men leaning on him for support. Tarasco recognized the injured man as Agnarsson, McMillan’s first assistant.

“What’s the matter with him?” Tarasco asked.

The chief engineer cursed under his breath. “He started to glow. It was the damnedest thing.”

The captain looked at him, his pulse starting to pound in his temples. “He was glowing? And he’s still alive?”

“I’m fine,” Agnarsson muttered, hanging his head and rubbing the back of his neck. “Just a little light-headed is all.”

Then the big man picked up his head . . . and Tarasco’s jaw fell. Agnarsson’s eyes, normally a very ordinary shade of blue, were glowing with a luxurious silver light . . .

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