Final Frontier

Space: Arena for man’s greatest dream . . .

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  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released January 1988

This is the story of a hero—and a moment forever lost to history.

It is a tale of Starfleet‘s early days, of a time before the Star Trek we know. The story of a secret mission gone horribly wrong—and an instant in time when the galaxy stood poised on the brink of one final, destructive war. It is the story of a ship since passed into legend, and a man we know only as the father of Starfleet’s greatest captain.

His name is Kirk. Commander George Samuel Kirk. He is a warrior, born and bred to battle. Now destiny has placed the fate of a hundred innocent worlds on his shoulders.

And put the power of the greatest weapon the galaxy has ever seen in his hands . . .

Written by: Diane Carey


Guest Cast:


“An impossible rescue,” April murmured. “Think of it, George. A way to turn a four-month journey into a three-week epic triumph in the name of life. Think of it.”

George moved around to face him, to force April to look at him. “Why all the cloak and dagger, then? Why didn’t you just ask me?”

“Couldn’t take the chance, old boy.”

“Why?” George pressed.

April stepped closer to the helm, placed his hands on the console, and looked out, upward, at the looming spacedock. He nodded, out, up. “That’s why.”

Soft lights from the spacedock played in his eyes.

George stepped closer, leaned over the console and looked out. The lights bathed his ruddy cheeks and drew him onward, into astonishment.

“My God, Robert…” he whispered. “What is that?”

“That,” April breathed, “is a starship.”

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