Duras (TNG-165)
Duras (TNG-165)

As the son of Ja’rod, the greatest rival of Worf‘s father Mogh, by 2366 Duras was his powerful house’s representative on the Klingon High Council and led the cover-up of his father’s treachery in the Romulan massacre of the Khitomer outpost 20 years earlier. Tampering with captured records as “new evidence,” Duras blamed Mogh in an elaborate cover-up as the one behind the debacle which killed 4,000 Klingon colonists, including Worf’s parents, tainting Mogh’s survivor with the alleged dishonor. Despite Duras’ best efforts via assassins and manipulation, the truth was realized, but kept hidden to preserve the political status quo and avoid a civil war.[1]

He nearly became chancellor of the Klingon Empire a year later when he dishonorably poisoned Chancellor K’mpec to get the job, but he was killed by an enraged Worf in combat after Duras murdered Worf’s mate, K’Ehleyr, when she began unraveling the truth about Khitomer. Duras’ death sealed the choice of Duras’ rival, Gowron, as new leader of the empire,[2] although Duras’s sisters, Lursa and B’Etor, turned up six months later to bid for the leadership behind Duras’ illegitimate son, Toral, and sparked a civil war after all.[3]

Portrayed by Patrick Massett.


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