Delta Vega (40 Eridani A IIIa)

T'Khut & Delta Vega from Vulcan surface (ST-01)
T’Khut & Delta Vega from Vulcan surface (ST-01)

Delta Vega (ST-11)
Delta Vega (ST-11)

Delta Vega surface (ST-11)
Delta Vega surface (ST-11)

Class-M[3] moon of T’Khut, the third planet in the 40 Eridani trinary system, which shared an orbit around 40 Eridani A with its sister planet, Vulcan.[1, 2]

ST11 Timeline

On Stardate 2258.42, James T. Kirk was left on the moon near Starfleet Outpost Hunter[4] by Spock, the acting captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. While on the surface, Kirk encountered both Montgomery Scott, who was assigned to the station, and Spock (Prime), who had been marooned there by Nero.[3]

This new Delta Vega’s location within the Vulcan system is conjectural, but given the size of Vulcan in Spock (Prime)’s memories, and the ease and speed with which the Enterprise was able to drop Kirk off at Delta Vega (despite the obvious damage to the ship’s warp drive from the collision with the Mayflower‘s saucer wreckage), the only logical location for the planet would be the previously-unnamed moon of Vulcan’s sister world, T’Khut.


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