Delaney, Megan

Jenny and Megan Delaney (VOY-195)
Jenny and Megan Delaney (VOY-195)

Megan Delaney served in Stellar Cartography aboard the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656.[1] During a double-date with Tom Paris, opposite her sister Jenny and Harry Kim, the young ensign fell from a gondola in which the two were riding in a holodeck simulation of Venice.[2] When Kim and Paris were trapped in an Akritirian prison satellite, Megan was referred to as a potential picnic partner. She is described by Paris as part of a dream he had while delirious from a stab wound in the same prison.[3] When Kim and Paris began to play the “Captain Proton” holodeck simulation in 2375, Megan took the role of the evil Mistress Malicia, opposite her twin’s Mistress Demonica.[4]


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