D'Amato (TOS-69)
D’Amato (TOS-69)

Lieutenant D’Amato participated in the search for the crashed Shuttlecraft Galileo on the surface of Taurus II in 2266.[1] In 2268, Lieutenant D’Amato was part of a landing party from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 that became stranded on a Kalandan Outpost when the starship was thrown several light years away from the planetoid. D’Amato specialized in geology and was assigned to the landing party to survey the unusual planet, the vegetation of which was extraordinarily evolved in comparison with the age of the world. It was later discovered that the planet’s landscape was artificially created by the Kalandans, who were wiped out when they accidentally created a deadly microorganism. D’Amato, however, perished before this discovery was made—he was killed by contact with the computer-replicated image of the last surviving Kalandan, Losira. Her deadly touch killed by matching the victim’s chromosome pattern, causing individual cells to explode from within.[2]

Portrayed by Arthur Batanides.


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