Celes, Tal

Tal Celes (VOY-240)
Tal Celes (VOY-240)

Crewman Celes worked in Astrometrics under Seven of Nine. She always doubted her abilities to perform the necessary tasks of her job aboard the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656.[2] During a series of ship-wide system failures caused by an alien lifeform possessing Voyager, Seven assumed that Celes was responsible for compromising the ship’s systems while performing a diagnostic that Celes hadn’t even begun yet when the failures occurred.[3] Celes barely squeaked through her Starfleet training courses, and believed that she made it into Starfleet because it was politically correct, her instructors cutting her slack because she was Bajoran. She was referred to as Crewman Celes (implying “Celes” is her family name), and only her friend Billy Telfer called her Tal (implying “Tal” is her personal name),[2] therefore her name would be Celes Tal according to traditional Bajoran naming; it is likely that Celes was among those Bajorans who changed the order of their names for the benefit of non-Bajorans.[1]

Portrayed by Zoe McLellan.


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