Binary Star System (Gamma Quadrant)

A Gamma Quadrant system near the Bajoran wormhole, apparently left uncharted by the Quadros-1 Probe, which included a system of at least seven planets, none Class-M, an asteroid belt, and approximately 24 moons. Long-range scans were ineffective due to excessive delta radiation from the stars, but the sixth world had three moons, and the seventh apparently had none. A moon of the third planet had craters and an altered atmosphere that reanimated all those who died while on the moon and caused them to become dependent on its nanite microbes for living, but immortal while there. Some Ennis and Nol-Ennis were imprisoned there because of their inability to end hostilities; a network of satellites guarded the planet to keep visitors away. The Bajoran spiritual leader, Kai Opaka, was revived by the nanites after being killed there in 2369, and she elected to stay on the planet to try to bring peace to the warring inhabitants.[1]


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