Bareil Antos (Mirror)

Petty thief and con man in the Mirror Universe. He was very different from his counterpart in the prime universe, who was a noted Bajoran cleric. The mirror Bareil was once involved with a woman named Lisea, whom he met at an Ilvian pleasure center. The two were together for five years until she was killed by a drunken Cardassian soldier. In late 2373, as part of a plan with Kira Nerys (Mirror), he entered the prime universe to purloin a Bajoran Orb. He fell for the Kira Nerys of the prime universe, who persuaded him to abandon his plan and return to his universe without the Orb.[1] Portrayed by Philip Anglim.


Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 DS9, Library, Mirror, Personnel

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