Aster, Jeremy

Jeremy Aster (TNG-153)

Son of U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D officer Lieutenant Marla Aster. Jeremy was orphaned when his mother was killed on an away mission in 2366. His father had died five years earlier of a Rushton infection. After Marla Aster’s death, energy-based life-forms known as Koinonians expressed regret at their accidental part in the incident and offered to care for Jeremy. Their care would have been delivered by a nearly identical replica of his late mother, in an environment that closely reporduced his home on Earth. Jeremy eventually found the courage to accept his mother’s loss, and became a part of Worf‘s family through the Klingon R’uustai, or bonding, ceremony. Jeremy later returned to Earth to be raised by his aunt and uncle.[1] Portrayed by Gabriel Damon.


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