Altair class

Altair class (TNG-120)
Altair class (TNG-120)

Altair class.[2]

Ships of the class:

Name Registry
S.S. Alla Tarasova[2] NDT-833
S.S. Arctic Queen[2] NDT-891
S.S. Batris[1] Unk.
S.S. Diamond Queen[2] NDT-768
S.S. Huron[2] NDT-802
S.S. Jade Star[2] NDT-794
S.S. Kathrine Clewis[2] NDT-850
S.S. Kay Cole[2] NDT-809
S.S. Marine Courier[2] NDT-826
S.S. Medusa Challenger[2] NDT-867
S.S. Medusa Conquest[2] NDT-772
S.S. Millennium Queen[2] NDT-846
S.S. Nicolet[2] NDT-812
S.S. Sarah Spencer[2] NDT-877
S.S. Senneville[2] NDT-780
S.S. Spar Garnet[2] NDT-811
S.S. Spar Jade[2] NDT-899
S.S. Spar Opal[2] NDT-854


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