Albino, The

Albino (DS9-439)
The Albino (DS9-439)

Notorious and powerful Klingon criminal who raided Klingon Empire colonies. He was nearly apprehended in 2290 when three Klingon warships, commanded by Kang, Koloth, and Kor, were sent to stop the Albino and his band. The mission was successful, but the Albino escaped and later took revenge on the Klingon captains by using a virus to kill each of their firstborn children. The three fathers, along with Curzon Dax (godfather to Kang’s son), swore a blood oath of revenge, so the Albino spent decades in hiding. The four nearly caught up to him at planet Galdonterre, but the Albino’s informants tipped him off, and he fled. In 2345, the Albino went to planet Secarus IV, where he remained in hiding until 2370, when Kang learned of his whereabouts. The Albino offered a fair fight, but instead tried to booby-trap the four. The Albino’s plan was unsuccessful, and he was killed by Kang.[1]

Portrayed by Bill Bolender.


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