Dark Matters, Book Two: Ghost Dance

Janeway and her crew embark on a perilous crusade—with all of reality at stake!

VOY #20 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released November 2000

Scientific theory holds that ninety percent of all matter in the universe is “dark matter,” unable to be detected by ordinary means. The gravitational force of that mysterious material ensures the continuance of all reality, but now a cosmic conspiracy plans to use excess dark matter to bring about the death of the universe.

While Chakotay and Paris are lost in a mysterious shadow dimension, Captain Janeway and the remainder of her crew struggle to contain the deadly dark matter wreaking havoc on the ship—and deep in space. But malevolent forces are working against the Starship Voyager, and they have seduced the Romulan Empire to their cause!

Written by Christie Golden


Guest Cast:


All activity in engineering had ceased. Torres’s team stood quietly, watching.

“Okay, Khala,” said Torres. Her gaze was fastened on the hovering sphere. “Transport.”

Khala touched the controls. The steady, pleasant hum the sphere had hitherto emitted turned into a screeching groan that assaulted the ears. The light grew bright, brighter, searing the retina, and Telek was forced to close his eyes even though he wanted to watch, wanted to see what would happen next.

This was surely the end. They had miscalculated, and this close to the dark matter, they’d all be dead within minutes. It would shatter the sphere, invade their bodies, phase them in and out of existence, and—

The hum ebbed. The light dimmed.

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