A ghost ship beckons to Captain Janeway and her crew.

VOY #08 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released June 1996

A mysterious signal lures the Starship Voyager to an uncharted sector of the Delta Quadrant—and an enigmatic ghost ship floating adrift in space. Janeway mounts an investigation, hoping the alien ship may hold a clue to the whereabouts of the Caretaker‘s long-lost ship and his mate—the only known entity with the power to send the U.S.S. Voyager home.

The ghost ship appears deserted, but soon a strange presence casts an eerie spell over the hearts and souls of the crew. Unless Janeway can solve the vessel’s mystery, Voyager itself may succumb to its haunting song . . .

Written by S.N. Lewitt


Guest Cast:


Lieutenant Tom Paris flew like he was trapped in an asteroid belt…

Harry Kim sucked in his breath audibly while Paris dodged a couple of particularly nasty-looking bits of wreck, but the captain was so calm, she could have been playing 3-D chess in the Voyager lounge. Paris hit the acceleration hard across the paths of two major ships to avoid the debris and yanked down and hard port just as the dead weapons of an ancient warrior opened fire…

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