V’kar Zadan “Stingtongue” class

V'kar Zadan
V’kar Zadan “Stingtongue” class (FASA-2301)

Length 205 meters[1]
Width 135 meters[1]
Height 30 meters[1]
Mass 74,500 metric tons[1]
Crew 220[1]
Passengers 10[1]
Shuttlecraft 1[1]
Cruising Speed Warp 7[1]
Emergency Speed Warp 8[1]
Weapons 2 KD-6 disruptors; 4 torpedo launchers[1]

Shortly after the discovery of photon torpedo technology, the Klingon Empire initiated a program for a missile-armed destroyer. Several designs were reviewed and tested before the V’kar Zadan (“Stingtongue”) class, which would later be designated the D-2 by Starfleet, was commissioned. Five months later, a slightly redesigned version of the class was introduced, different only in the arrangement of its torpedo bays. The V’kar Zadan class was an excellent offensive weapon against ships of its own class, but wasn’t able to hold up against larger ships due to the lack of range of its torpedoes and a relatively weak superstructure. The class was produced at Iosia and H’renn at an average rate of twelve per month. The class name, V’kar Zadan, translated to “the tongue that stings.”[1]


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