Update 15 Aug 2008

In the past week, I’ve updated or added 209 pages to the Library Computer section, 185 pages to the Mission Logs section, 16 to the Bibliography, 3 to Chronology, and 4 miscellaneous pages. I have a total of 3949 pages linked in, of which 2120 have content; the other 1829 are stubs that I am working to fill, and more stubs are added as new Mission Logs entries reveal new entries for the Library Computer. Nearly 20% of the site’s current content has been added in the past seven days alone. My focus right now is the Mission Logs section; once those are completed, the Library Computer entries will flow more naturally from there, and I’ll also be able to return some of my attention to the Chronology section.

Addendum: Since making this post, I’ve added/updated an additional 117 pages to the Mission Logs section and 1 to the Library Computer section, bringing the total number of pages added/updated in the past week to 535; 2194 pages now have content, leaving 1755 stubs.

Friday, August 15th, 2008 Site Updates

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