Rihannsu, Book Four: Honor Blade

Can the Starship Enterprise prevent the Second Romulan War?

Cover (TOS #096)

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released Oct 2000

At last, the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire have agreed to meet on neutral ground to attempt to resolve the tangle of intrigue and conspiracy that began with the hijacking of the U.S.S. Intrepid many years ago—but the meeting may be as dangerous as the war they hope to avoid.

As a show of good faith, the crew of the legendary Starship Enterprise has been ordered to attend the talks. In their informal charge is Romulan renegade Ael, the wanted fugitive who, with Kirk, served as a catalyst of the current troubles. Kirk must represent the interests of the Federation first and foremost, but the best approach to an agreement remains muddled in the ever-shifting Romulan order.

And the visiting Romulan party is as fractious and divided as their troubled world. Among the Romulan nobles in attendance are the hero and popular Senator Arrhae, who secretly helped rescue Dr. Leonard McCoy from a Romulan execution, and the very men and women who put McCoy on trial for treason—and tried to carry out the sentence.

As Kirk and crew attempt to renegotiate a delicate peace, and Romulans attempt to restore their tarnished honor, it becomes increasingly apparent that their only course of action is to prepare for war!

Written by Diane Duane


Guest Cast:


“Seed and the disciplines are usually incompatible, Commander,” Spock said. “However . . .”

Now it was Ael’s turn to wait, and say nothing. She was afraid, but she would not allow the fear to dictate her actions. Her need, or rather the need of others, was too great.

Spock was very still. At last he turned back to her. “Commander,” he said, “it is possible that you might be taught. There is one condition in which speed does not obtain as an issue.”

She swallowed. “Mind-meld,” Ael said.

A silence fell again.

“But there is a problem,” said Ael.

“There are certain . . . ethical constraints,” Spock said. “There are constraints against teaching the disciplines, any of them, to those who have not committed themselves to—”

“Surak’s strictures for peace,” Ael finished for him, softly, and smiled a rather ironic smile. “Always Surak comes between our peoples, at the end.” She stood up, glancing once again at the S’harien that hung on the wall, and turned away. “Mr. Spock, I am sorry to have interrupted you to no purpose. Please excuse me.”

She was moving to the door when he put out a hand and touched her arm. The sudden unexpectedness shocked Ael to the core: she stood as still as if she had been struck so.

The hand that Spock had raised now fell. “It has occurred to me,” Spock said, very low, “more than once of late, that there may be more than one road to peace.”

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