The Pandora Principle

The Federation faces extinction from an awesome new weapon!

TOS #049 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released April 1990

A Romulan Bird of Prey mysteriously drifts over the Neutral Zone and into Federation territory. Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise investigate, only to find the ship dead in space. When Starfleet orders the derelict ship brought to Earth for examination, the Enterprise returns home with perhaps her greatest prize.

But the Bird of Prey carries a dangerous cargo, a deadly force that is soon unleashed in the heart of the Federation. Suddenly, the only hope for the Federation’s survival lies buried in the tortured memory of Commander Spock‘s protégé, a cadet named Saavik. Together, Spock and Saavik must return to the nightmare world of Saavik’s birth—a planet called Hellguard, to discover the secret behind the Romulans’ most deadly threat of all…

Written by: Carolyn Clowes


Guest Cast:


“I regret that I cannot concur…”

Heads turned. Spock felt the disapproval at his impertinence; it could not be helped.

“Someday these children will seek to know their place in the Universe. They will need a home–“

“Do not presume to speak to us of our principles, Spock!” Sarek’s voice cut like a knife through the shocked, uncomfortable gathering. “Your… dissent… has been noted — and you will keep your place. This does not concern you.”

But it did. Spock regretted it had come to this. “I am constrained to point out,” he said into the chilly silence, “that the Federation Council would agree with my concern. The children of Hellguard require a home.”

“You would speak to outworlders of this?” S’tvan, philosopher and physicist, was on his feet. “You would threaten disclosure? Public humiliation?”

“If I must.” Simple blackmail. They all stared at him in disbelief; Sarek closed his eyes in shame.

“Spock,” his father said. “You are dismissed from these proceedings.”

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