Double, Double

Captain Kirk’s deadliest enemy returns…

TOS #045 Cover

  • Stardate 4925.2
  • Released April 1989

On a routine exploratory mission, the Starship Hood picks up a distress signal from a research expedition thought lost long ago—the expedition of Dr. Roger Korby, one of the centuries’ greatest scientific minds. Korby himself is dead, it seems, but his colleagues have made a most incredible discovery—a discovery they insist the Hood‘s captain see for himself. Reluctantly, the captain agrees to beam down…

Meanwhile, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise begins long-overdue shore leave on Tranquility Seven. James T. Kirk is looking forward to a few days of rest and relaxation… until what seems like a bizarre case of mistaken identity plunges Kirk into a whirlpool of mayhem and murder.

And puts an inhuman stranger with his memories and abilities in command of the Enterprise.

Written by: Michael Jan Friedman


Guest Cast:


The form on the circular pattern jerked once, its head thrown back, the tendons in its neck standing out like knotted cords.

Then it lay still.

Brown cut power. The machine cycled down.

He walked over to the platform, stood over the being locked into it. It was a few moments before its eyelids fluttered open.

There was intelligence in those eyes. And something else – something that seemed to hold him captive for a moment.

“Brown,” said the android. “Isn’t it?”

“That’s right,” said Brown. “And you are…?”

“Captain James T. Kirk – Captain, U.S.S. Enterprise,” he chuckled. “The improved version.”

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