The IDIC Epidemic

It is a killer, and something far worse.

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TOS #038 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released February 1988

IDIC—Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination. More than just a simple credo, for those of the planet Vulcan it is the cornerstone of their philosophy.

Now, on the Vulcan Science Colony Nisus, that credo of tolerance is being put to its sternest test. For here, on a planet where Vulcan, Human, Klingon, and countless other races live and work side by side, a deadly plague has sprung up. A plague whose origins are somehow rooted in the concept of IDIC itself. A plague that threatens to tear down that centuries-old maxim and replace it with an even older concept.

Interstellar War.

Written by: Jean Lorrah


Guest Cast:


“Kroykah!” Kirk shouted.

Even to the followers of T’Vet, that word, used in ceremonies dating back to the Vulcan Time of the Beginning, meant “stop!”

“You are not on Vulcan now,” Kirk said, striding between the two fighters. They rested their weapons with the weighted ends on the floor. “You are on my ship, and here my word is law. There will be no combat with deadly weapons aboard ship. You are welcome to use our facilities for unarmed combat, to practice marksmanship in the—”

“How dare you profane Vulcan custom!” Satat, war-chief of those assembled, said. He turned to the two fighters. “Continue the combat.”

The two fighters hefted their weapons again and began moving. Kirk stood still, squarely between them in the center of the mat.

If he didn’t get out of their way, they were going right through him.

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