The thrilling sequel to the New York Times bestseller Dreadnought!

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TOS #031 Cover

  • Stardate 4720.2
  • Released November 1986

Back on Earth enjoying a well-deserved shore leave, Captain Kirk is rudely accosted by a trio of Starfleet security guards. It seems he is wanted for questioning in connection with the theft of transwarp—the Federation‘s newest, most advanced propulsion system. Could Captain Kirk, Starfleet’s most decorated hero, be guilty of stealing top-secret technology? With the aid of Mr. Spock, Lt. Cmdr. Piper begins a desperate search for the scientists who developed transwarp—a search that leads her to an isolated planet, where she discovers the real—and very dangerous—traitor!

Written by: Diane Carey


Guest Cast:


Three Starfleet Security Division uniforms distilled into being. Two men, large. And a woman, compactly built but somehow imposing in her own way.

Kirk got up from the helm chair, moving to them like a prowling tiger. Sharply he demanded, “Just what is the meaning of this invasion?”

“Captain James T. Kirk?”


“Lieutenant Alexander, sir. Sir, I am instructed to escort you to Starfleet headquarters regarding an inquiry issued by Starfleet command and the Federation Military Advisory Committee. If you do not choose to cooperate, I am authorized to place you under special arrest.”

“In other words,” Kirk said, eyes narrowing, “I go with you either way.”

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