Pawns and Symbols

The Klingons are hungry for war–and Kirk is caught in a brutal battle of wits!

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TOS #026 Cover

  • Stardate 5960.2
  • Released November 1985

Threatened by a deadly famine, the Klingon Empire is on the verge of igniting a mad interplanetary war of conquest. When an earthquake destroys a remote Federation research station, Jean Czerny, agricultural scientist, succumbs to amnesia. Stranded on enemy borders, she is imprisoned by Kang, the commander of a Klingon battleship. Now Kirk must play a dangerous game of mind strategy to prevent a savage attack on the Federation!

Written by Majliss Larson


Guest Cast:


“Commander Kang, you are holding one of my people and certain materials belonging to the Federation. I formally demand immediate return.”

Kang smiled openly. “Surely you jest, Captain. Lieutenant Czerny is bond to me. She is a very valuable pawn to me for the moment. I have not intention of releasing her yet.”

“Kang, when your ship was destroyed and I took your crew survivors aboard my ship they were well-treated. I expect the same for Czerny. I will hold you personally responsible for her treatment.” Kirk rubbed his right cheek with an unconscious gesture as he recalled the image of Kang standing over Chekov’s writhing form with the Klingon Agonizer pressed to his face…

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