Killing Time

Enter Second History–and a galaxy gone mad!

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TOS #024 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released July 1985

Second History: a Romulan time-tampering project that has transported the Enterprise and the galaxy into an alternate dimension of reality. Now, Kirk is an embittered young ensign and Spock is a beseiged starship commander.

Lured into a Romulan trap, Captain Spock and Ensign Kirk must free themselves from both their captors and their own altered selves… before the galaxy hurtles toward total destruction!

Written by Della Van Hise


Guest Cast:


“Let us understand one another, Ensign Kirk,” Spock began. “Threats pull no weight with me, and I shall not tolerate them… I am ordering you to tell me who is responsible for your injuries.”

But Kirk remained mute and immovable. In his prison days, he’d learned what it meant to keep a confidence. “I’m responsible for my own problems,” he stated at last. “And I don’t need a keeper! Keep your half-breed sentimentalities to yourself, Spock!” He started toward the door… The Vulcan moved to stand between him and the door.

Half-breed. The word hung somewhere outside reality…

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