The Vulcan Academy Murders

Captain Kirk becomes an interplanetary homicide detective!

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TOS #020 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released November 1984

Kirk and McCoy accompany Spock to the Vulcan Academy Hospital, seeking experimental treatment for a badly wounded Enterprise crew member. Spock’s mother is also a patient in the hospital, and Kirk soon becomes involved in the complex drama of Spock’s family…

Suddenly, patients are dying, and Kirk suspects the unthinkable – murder on Vulcan! But can he convince the Vulcans that something as illogical as murder is possible? Until the killer is caught, everyone is in danger!

Written by Jean Lorrah


Guest Cast:


“My son should have been here by now,” said Sarek. “Perhaps our guests overslept-“

The communications console buzzed loudly. Sarek flicked the switch, and Spock’s face appeared on the communicator screen. “Father, there has been another power failure. Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy, and I are with Storn-“

“I’m on my way!” Sarek cut him off, clamping control over the panic in his veins. It had happened twice now – and if it happened a third time, the victim would be Amanda!

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