Yesterday’s Son

Spock discovers the son he never knew he had!

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TOS #011 Cover

  • Stardate 6324.1
  • Released Aug 1983

Scientists, examining prehistoric cave drawings from long-dead Sarpeidon, discover a strangely Vulcan-looking figure. Consulted on the puzzle, Spock guesses the truth: The figure must be that of his own son, fathered when he and McCoy were once transported back in time to ice-age Sarpeidon. His Vulcan sense of duty demands that Spock bring his son into the present — but when he does, in the midst of a Romulan attack, he finds a young man resentful at his father’s coldness and possessing awesome and possibly dangerous abilities.

Written by A.C. Crispin


Guest Cast:

Friday, August 28th, 2009 Books, Logs, Original Series

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