Black Fire

Kirk and Spock face their greatest crisis in a bold new adventure!

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TOS #008 Cover

  • Stardate 6205.7
  • Released January 1983

There is sabatoge aboard the Enterprise, and Spock‘s investigation leads him into defiance of the Federation and a bizarre alliance with the Romulan and Klingon Empires against the bloodthirsty Tomarii – a savage race for whom war and battle are life itself.

Now Spock has been declared a traitor and condemned to the shame of the Federation’s highest security prison. And now Captain James Kirk must face the toughest decision of his command, while a lifelong friend and the destiny of the free universe hang in the balance!

Written by Sonni Cooper


Guest Cast:


The Vulcan examined the jeweled dagger dispassionately. It was beautiful, made by a fine craftsman on an unknown planet far away. Spock silently thanked the artisan for creating such an object of beauty for his purpose, then spoke to Julina, beside him on the stone pallet.

“I had no intention of asking you to assist me, but I feel I am too weak to use the knife effectively.”

“I won’t! I can’t!” the Romulan sobbed, but she knew Spock’s Vulcan logic would prove the request a necessary one.

“Julina, don’t make me beg for your help…” Spock gripped her hand tightly.

He guided her hand, placing the dagger above his heart.

“Now,” he commanded her.

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