The Covenant of the Crown

Will the Klingons rule at last?

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TOS #004 Cover

  • Stardate 7815.3
  • Released December 1981

Eighteen years earlier, Captain Kirk helped King Stevvin and his family escape from the planet Shad during a civil war. With the conflict still raging, the Klingons hope to take advantage of the chaos and plunder the weakened planet for tridenite, and efficient energy ore. Stevvin is now dying, and his daughter, Kailyn, is next in line to the throne. To ascend and hopefully stop the war, she needs the ancestral crown that was hidden in the mountain range of a distant planet. Spock and McCoy join Kailyn on her journey, but their shuttle crashes. The three survive, unaware that the Klingons are pursuing them.

Written by: Howard Weinstein


Guest Cast:

Friday, August 28th, 2009 Books, Logs, Original Series

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