Ti'Mur (ENT-08)
Ti’Mur (ENT-08)

The Ti’Mur was a Suurok class Vulcan starship, commanded by Captain Vanik from 2136 until at least 2151.[1] In 2151, the Ti’Mur discovered a probe launched by the Dokaalan prior to the destruction of their planet, circa 2113. They were unable to further investigate, however, given their assignment to observe the activities of the Earth Starfleet vessel Enterprise NX-01.[2] The Ti’Mur observed the Enterprise at the eiseilium-rich Comet Archer in 2151, and later rescued Reed and Mayweather, whose shuttle had become trapped within the comet. T’Pol used the Ti’Mur to convey her intention to stay aboard the Enterprise rather than enter into an arranged marriage to Koss.[1]


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