Talos IV

Talos IV (TOS-00)
Talos IV (TOS-00)

Talos IV Surface (TOS-00)
Talos IV surface (TOS-00)

The fourth planet in the Talos Star Group and homeworld of the Talosians, Talos IV, a Class-M world, had an Oxygen-Nitrogen atmosphere that, according to U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 science officer Lieutenant Spock, was “[h]eavy with inert elements, but well within safety limits; Gravity 0.9 g; barren surface with little vegetation.” One blue-leafed plant caused a high-pitched humming noise from its vibrations, which had a pleasant effect on humanoids when touched, even eliciting a smile from Spock. According to Captain Pike, Earth was “in the stellar group at the other end of this galaxy.” The planet’s surface was decimated “thousands of centuries ago,” according to Vina, in a nuclear war among the Talosians, who all but destroyed themselves in the process.[1]


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