Silik (ENT-01-02)

Humanoid species. Their distinguishing physical characteristic was their mottled, greenish-yellow-tinted skin. The Suliban were originally from Sector 3641, but their homeworld became uninhabitable around the Earth year of 1851, and most of them became nomadic. One faction of Suliban were members of the Cabal, an organization of soldiers involved with the Temporal Cold War. The Cabal took its orders from the future, and in exchange, were able to alter their DNA and restructure their skeletons, giving them unique chameleononic and shapeshifting abilities, as well as enhanced senses.[1] The Cabal’s activities caused trouble for some civilian Suliban who had assimilated into other cultures. For example, one group of peaceful Suliban was detained at a Tandaran internment camp.[2]

Notable Suliban:


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