Starfleet Headquarters seal (ST-01)
Starfleet Headquarters seal (ST-01)

Paramilitary exploratory and defensive organization of the United Federation of Planets.[1] It was virtually identical to the Earth Starfleet in structure.[2]


3rd Fleet Standing fleet assigned to defend Sector 001 — the Solar System — from attack. Hardly a cushy posting; 3rd Fleet saw two major Borg invasions and the Breen attack in less than a decade. Some of Starfleet’s most elite officers and finest tactical minds serve in 3rd Fleet.[3]
5th Fleet Standing fleet that patrolled the Andor Sector, one of the crucial home defense fleets of the Federation; with the 4th and 7th Fleet, nearly wiped out at Wolf 359. Officers in 5th Fleet work closely with the Andorian Defense Force.[3]
7th Fleet Standing fleet assigned to defend Betazed and the outer core worlds of the Federation. Badly mauled during the Dominion War, the 7th Fleet came through with honor; it became one of the most coveted postings in Starfleet.[3]
8th Fleet Mobile fleet that explored uncharted reaches of the Alpha Quadrant, notably the coreward sectors past Ferenginar. In the late 24th century, this fleet was heavy on older ships such as Ambassador class, Nebula class, and Miranda class cruisers.[3]
16th Fleet Mobile fleet commanded in the late 24th century by Fleet Admiral Nechayev, the 16th Fleet was the “Flagship Fleet” of Starfleet, containing the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E. Its duties included a wide range of survey, diplomatic, and border emergency missions.[3]
20th Fleet Mobile fleet that patrolled the rimward sectors of the Federation, including the Tholian border and portions of the Klingon frontier. In the late 24th century, his fleet had a number of Oberth class science vessels seconded to it for sensor support, as well as a handful of newer Akira class and Steamrunner class vessels.[3]
22nd Fleet Standing fleet established at Starbase 173 to guard against Romulan incursion and later served as the first line of defense against a future expected Borg attack. Officers in 22nd Fleet trained constantly against captured or reconstructed “threat vessels.”[3]
Colonization Fleet Made up of 34 vessels plus transport craft, and based out of Starbase 4terraforming missions. It also aided with planetary and life-form surveys.[3]
Evacuation Fleets Three evacuation fleets were based out of starbases in the Rigel, Deneb, and Canopus sectors. Each fleet had enough ships to coordinate and defend a convoy carrying up to 10 million civilians in case of planetary emergencies.[3]
Rapid Response Fleets The brainchild of Admiral Fukazima following the crises of 2367-2368, the two rapid response fleets covered both Alpha and Beta Quadrants on staggered patrol, ready for anything. Rapid response ships reported directly to Admiral Fukazima, who reported to the commander-in-chief, which circumvented fleet ops’ normal chain of command. This lessened response time, but made hasty action (including escalation to the use of force) more likely. The rapid-response fleets remained controversial within Starfleet, and were made up of pod-derived ships such as the Akira and Saber classes.[3]


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