Starbase 6

Starbase 6 (STU MVL 02)
Starbase 6 (STU MVL 02)

A space station located past Aldebaran, Starbase 6 was famous for providing the finest amenities for rest and relaxation of any Starfleet facility, [2], a reputation that dated back as far as the 2250s, when a TiburonianCentauran team redesigned it from the hub out.[3] Run by Tiburonian civilians, the base offered a surprising array of recreational activities. Regular athletic tournaments attracted competitors from throughout the Federation, and no visiting flag officer in the 2260s could imagine drinking in the Crystal Bar without the station’s commanding officer, Commander George Reed, at their side.[2] In peacetime, starships diverted from sectors around to enjoy its facilities, which included state-of-the-art holodecks, null-G saunas, and the most sophisticated replicators (and chefs) within a thousand parsecs of Aldebaran.[3]

The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 was diverted from scheduled R&R at Starbase 6 in 2267. Responding to an emergency call from Starfleet Command, the Enterprise traveled to Sector 39J to investigate the disappearance of the U.S.S. Intrepid NCC-1631.[1]


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