Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Based on Paramount Pictures’ supreme space adventure!

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  • Stardate 8390.0
  • Released December 1986

Novelization of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Written by: Vonda N. McIntyre
Based on the screenplay by Steve Meerson & Peter Krikes and Harve Bennett & Nicholas Meyer
Story by Leonard Nimoy & Harve Bennett


Guest Cast:


The Bounty sped through warp space.

“Estimating planet earth, one point six hours, present speed,” Sulu said.

“Continue on course,” Admiral Kirk replied.

“Admiral, I’m getting something very strange,” Uhura said. “And very active. Overlapping multiphasic transmissions … It’s nothing I can translate. It’s gibberish.”

“Can you separate them?”

“I’ve been trying, sir … Captain! They’re distress calls. Maydays from starships, and–“

“Let’s hear them!” Kirk said. “Have you got any visuals? Put them on screen.”

The Maydays flicked onto the holographic viewing area: starships overtaken and draind by a huge spacegoing object that blasted their power supplies and sailed past at high warp, without answering their greetings or their supplications.

The blurry image of the president of the Federation Council formed before them. His message broke and dissolved, but Uhura had captured enough that its meaning could not be mistaken.

“This is … president of … grave warning: Do not approach planet earth. … To all starships, repeat: Do not approach!”

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