Spock (ST11)

Spock (ST-11)
Spock (ST-11)

Young Spock (ST-11)
Young Spock (ST-11)

Spock was born in the city of ShiKahr on Vulcan to Sarek and Amanda Grayson on Stardate 2230.06, and named for one of Vulcan’s early society-builders.[2] His youth was fraught with complications from his mixed VulcanHuman heritage. He was frequently tormented by his peers, who told him that he was “neither Vulcan nor human,” and thus had “no place in this universe.” By the time he reached adulthood, this prejudice had not abated, and played a pivotal role in his decision to decline a seat at the Vulcan Science Academy in 2248, and he elected instead to attend Starfleet Academy on Earth, where he became one of that institution’s most distinguished graduates.[1]

By 2258, Spock was assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 under Captain Christopher Pike, and was serving at the Academy while the ship was undergoing construction. While at the Academy, Spock was responsible for programming the Kobayashi Maru Scenario.[1]

After Captain Pike was captured by the Romulan renegade Nero, Spock assumed command of the ship, but later stepped down and relinquished command to James T. Kirk, a cadet who had been breveted to lieutenant during the crisis and had been named as Spock’s first officer by Captain Pike prior to the captain’s departure from the ship. After Nero was defeated, Kirk was awarded permanent command of the Enterprise, and he selected Spock, with whom he had developed a mutual respect and friendship, as his first officer.[1]

On Stardate 2258.56, after the Enterprise had encountered an unusual energy barrier at the edge of the galaxy, one of the ship’s crew, Ensign Gary Mitchell, gained incredible, almost godlike, powers. Noting that the logs recovered from the S.S. Valiant‘s distress beacon recounted nearly identical circumstances prior to that ship’s destruction, and having performed a mind-meld that revealed that no consciousness remained in Mitchell’s body, Spock urged Kirk to either maroon Mitchell on a nearby, uninhabited planet, Delta Vega, or to kill Michell “while you still can.”[3] After Mitchell escaped custody on Delta Vega, Spock followed Kirk into the desert, and performed a nerve pinch while Mitchell was distracted, rendering him unconscious and weakened enough that Kirk could deliver a fatal shot with a phaser rifle.[4]

Some time later, on Stardate 2821.5, Spock led a mission to study Murasaki 312 aboard the Shuttlecraft Galileo. When the shuttle was forced to make an emergency landing on Taurus II, Spock found himself once again unexpectedly in a position of command during a crisis.[5]

Portrayed by Zachary Quinto.


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