Strange New Worlds 08

All-new Star Trek adventures—by fans, for fans!

SNW-08 Cover

  • Various Stardates
  • Released July 2005

Edited by Dean Wesley Smith
With Elisa J. Kassin and Paula M. Block

Star Trek

The Enterprise is called to Earth to investigate something unusual discovered on a sunken Confederate vessel.
Written by Alan James Garbers

“Assignment: One”
Gary Seven must deal with one of the most horrifying moments in U.S. history.
Written by Kevin Lauderdale

A Klingon prototype vessel wreaks havoc on both the Enterprise crew and the Klingons.
Written by Kevin Andrew Hosey

“Don’t Call Me Tiny”
What was Sulu like as a sixth-grader?
Written by Paul C. Tseng

Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Mourning Bells are Ringing”
Marissa Flores, the young girl trapped in the turbolift with Captain Picard in “Disaster,” begs for the captain’s help.
Written by Kevin Summers

“Passages of Deceit”
Captain Picard goes on an archaeological survey that goes awry.
Written by Sarah Seaborne

“Final Flight” (Third Place)
The captain tries something radical that might bring back his dead friend, Data.
Written by John Takis

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

A Klingon discovers a crashed shuttle with an injured Trill aboard.
Written by Dan C. Duval

A recipe for Seafood Gumbo, DS9-style.
Written by Amy Vincent

“Promises Made”
Kira rescues Tom Riker from a Cardassian prison camp.
Written by David DeLee

“Always a Price”
Vic tells Kira she must visit a part of Bajor.
Written by Muri McCage

Star Trek: Voyager

A little girl loses her engineer mom in a fire, and ends up badly burned also.
Written by Susan S. McCrackin

“This Drone”
The Borg lose one of their own.
Written by M.C. DeMarco

“Once Upon a Tribble”
Tom and B’Elanna’s daughter, Miral, is terrified that there might be a tribble hiding under her bed.
Written by Annie Reed

“You May Kiss the Bride”
The rocky relationship of Tom and B’Elanna does not lead to a smooth wedding.
Written by Amy Sisson

“Coffee With a Friend”
A guilt-ridden Janeway bares all to the owner of a coffee shop.
Written by J.B. Stevens

Star Trek: Enterprise

“Egg Drop Soup”
Phlox has an unforgettable lunch.
Written by Robert Burke Richardson

The ship’s janitor and new barber saves the ship.
Written by Lorraine Anderson

An alien hides a sstrange device on board, causing havoc.
Written by A. Rhea King


“Alpha and Omega” (First Place)
A Borg supercube appears in orbit above Earth and appears motionless.
Written by Derek Tyler Attico

“Concurrence” (Second Prize)
The crew of the Starship Fenton answers a distress call.
Written by Geoffrey Thorne

The crew of the Enterprise-D beam aboard a strange passenger.
Written by Paul J. Kaplan

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