Strange New Worlds VII

All-new Star Trek adventures—by fans, for fans!

SNW-07 Cover

  • Various Stardates
  • Released June 2004

Edited by Dean Wesley Smith
With John J. Ordover and Paula M. Block

Star Trek

“A Test of Character”
Kirk takes the Kobayashi Maru test.
Written by Kevin Lauderdale

A young Ensign Chekov questions his career choice.
Written by Kevin Killiany

“Project Blue Book”
Lieutenant Colonel Carver discovers some old files that lead him to a former Air Force captain named John Christopher.
Written by Christian Granger

“The Trouble with Tribals”
How do tribbles perceive humans?
Written by Paul J. Kaplan

“All Fall Down”
McCoy and Kirk adjust to their lives after the events on Rura Penthe.
Written by Muri McCage

“A Sucker Born”
Spock offers to help with repairs for HFM Enterprises.
Written by Pat Detmer

“Obligations Discharged”
Elaan looks back on her life and contemplates seeing Kirk again.
Written by Gerri Leen

Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Life’s Work” (Grand Prize)
The life of Dr. Soong and how his obsessions disrupt family life.
Written by Julie A. Hyzy

“Adventures in Jazz and Time”
Wesley gives Riker a birthday present.
Written by Kelly Cairo

“Future Shock”
Journal entries by a displaced Captain Bateson.
Written by John Coffren

“Full Circle”
An anniversary dinner for Admiral Harriman and his wife becomes something much more.
Written by Scott Pearson

Data tries to play matchmaker for Chief O’Brien.
Written by Jeff D. Jacques

“Solemn Duty”
Picard returns from Veridian III to inform Admiral McCoy and Captain Scott about the events that transpired there.
Written by Jim Johnson

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

“Infinite Bureaucracy”
How the supply market works for Quark on DS9.
Written by Anne E. Clements

“Barclay Program Nine”
Quark stumbles onto an old program of Barclay’s.
Written by Russ Crossley

Star Trek: Voyager

B’Elanna finds herself alive, thanks to the heroics of Seven of Nine.
Written by Susan McCrackin

“The Little Captain”
Naomi must take charge on an away mission gone awry.
Written by Catherine E. Pike

“I Have Broken the Prime Directive”
What happened to the Doctor when he visited the temporally-accelerated world in “Blink of an Eye?”
Written by G. Wood

“Don’t Cry”
Miral’s childhood memories and experiences living aboard Voyager.
Written by Annie Reed

Star Trek: Enterprise

“Earthquake Weather”
Trip has a gut feeling, so watch out, everyone
Written by Louisa M. Swann


“Guardians” (Second Prize)
Generations of Horta live and die, and their relationship with the Guardian.
Written by Brett Hudgins

“The Law of Averages”
Dax confronts the possibility of death if a new host can’t be found quickly.
Written by Amy Sisson

“Forgotten Light”
The Borg homeworld is discovered.
Written by Frederick Kim

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