Strange New Worlds VI

All-new Star Trek adventures—by the fans, for the fans!

SNW-06 Cover

  • Various Stardates
  • Released June 2003

Edited by Dean Wesley Smith
With John J. Ordover and Paula M. Block

Star Trek

“Whales Weep Not” (Third Prize)
A detective investigates the disappearance of a prominent cetacean biologist.
Written by Juanita Nolte

“One Last Adventure”
A renegade Romulan buys the opportunity to destroy Captain Kirk.
Written by Mark Allen and Charity Zegers

“Marking Time”
McCoy confronts a despondent Kirk after the events with the Guardian.
Written by Pat Detmer

“Ancient History”
Scotty and Captain Bateson have something in common besides being displaced in time.
Written by Robert J. Mendenhall

“Bum Radish: Five Spins on a Turquoise Reindeer”
Scotty was a miracle worker even in his youth.
Written by TG Theodore

“A Piece of the pie”
Bela Oxmyx thinks Kirk should run for President of Iotia.
Written by G. Wood

Star Trek: The Next Generation

“The Soft Room” (Second Prize)
A Vulcan woman helps a man restore the damaged parts of his mind.
Written by Geoffrey Thorne

“Protecting Data’s Friends”
Data builds robot bodyguards to ensure his friends’ safety.
Written by Scott William Carter

“The Human Factor”
Q finds himself in a most provocative situation.
Written by Russ Crossley

“Tribble in Paradise”
Data finds himself in the Nexus after the Enterprise fails to save Veridian III.
Written by Louisa M. Swann

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Another example of why one should never mess with Garak.
Written by Brett Hudgins

“Urgent Matter”
A changeling from the Great Link arrives on the station for a priority mission.
Written by Robert J. LaBaff

“Best Tools Available”
Nog takes the Kobayashi Maru test.
Written by Shawn Michael Scott

Star Trek: Voyager

Cooking a surprise for a soon-to-be-arriving guest
Written by Elizabeth A. Dunham

“Seven and Seven”
Seven of Nine meets Gary Seven.
Written by Kevin Hosey

“The End of Night”
Voyager is responsible for destroying the entire universe and only Captain Kirk can stop them.
Written by Paul J. Kaplan

Janeway’s nightmare becomes a horrifying reality.
Written by Jan Stevens

“Widow’s Walk”
The journal entries of Anne Carey, Joe’s wife.
Written by Mary Scott-Wiecek


Archers crew find themselves part of a planetary prophecy.
Written by Julie Hyzy

A teenage Trip participates in a unique summer program.
Written by Penny A. Proctor

“Cabin E-14”
Phlox visits Daniels’ room.
Written by Shane Zeransky


“Our Million-Year Mission” (Grand Prize)
The continuing adventures of the UberEnterprise and its crew.
Written by Robert T. Jeschonek

“The Beginning”
A dying child tries a radical new treatment.
Written by Annie Reed

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