Strange New Worlds V

All new Star Trek adventures—by fans, for fans!

SNW-05 Cover

  • Various Stardates
  • Released May 2002

Edited by Dean Wesley Smith
With John J. Ordover and Paula M. Block

Star Trek

“Disappearance on 21st Street” (Grand Prize)
The story of the first person to run into the maniac McCoy in the 1930s.
Written by Mary Scott-Wiecek

“The Trouble With Borg Tribbles” (Third Prize)
Can the Borg resist the cute tribbles, even though it’s futile?
Written by William Leisner

“Legal Action”
Kirk gets sued for not supplying enough of the action.
Written by Alan L. Lickiss

“Yeoman Figgs”
A yeoman had a “red-shirt” day on a planetary excursion.
Written by Mark Murata

“The Shoulders of Giants”
The history of a planet courtesy of observations provided by the society.
Written by Robert T. Jeschonek

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Fajo gets his day in court.
Written by Steven Scott Ripley

“The Peacemakers”
An Arizona Ranger in the 1880s discovers something extraordinary.
Written by Alan James Garbers

Boothby reflects on his life as he faces retirement.
Written by Julie A. Hyzy

“Kristin’s Conundrum”
An ensign with amnesia roams the corridors of the Enterprise-D.
Written by Jeff D. Jacques and Michelle A. Bottrall

“The Monkey Puzzle Box”
Dixon Hill has a unique mystery to solve.
Written by Kevin Killiany

“The Farewell Gift”
An alien remembers a memorable visit from the Enterprise crew.
Written by Tonya D. Price

“Dementia in D Minor”
Sarek’s thoughts as he experiences further signs of losing control of his emotions.
Written by Mary Sweeney

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

“Fear, Itself”
Jake must conquer his fear to save his friends.
Written by Robert J. Mendenhall

Star Trek: Voyager

“Final Entry”
The journal entries of a woman mourning the loss of her family, not knowing the surprise that awaits.
Written by Cynthia K. Deatherage

“The Difficulties of Being Evil”
Dr. Chaotica laments his hardships.
Written by Craig Gibb

A very weary Kes returns to Ocampa.
Written by Penny A. Proctor

“On the Rocks”
A followup to the events of “Threshold.”
Written by TG Theodore

A female hologram is in love with Harry Kim.
Written by Diana Kornfeld

After making it to the Alpha Quadrant, Seven of Nine fears her trip to Terra firma.
Written by Catherine E. Pike

“Who Cries for Prometheus”
The crew of the prototype starship is attacked by Romulans.
Written by Phaedra M. Weldon


The Enterprise responds to a distress call.
Written by James J. and Louisa M. Swann

“A Girl for Every Star”
Eleven-year-old Jonathan Archer meets his first Vulcan.
Written by John Takis

“Hoshi’s Gift”
A family heirloom causes problems for Hoshi.
Written by Kelle Vozka

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