Strange New Worlds III

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SNW-03 Cover

The Aliens are Coming eBook Cover (SNW #3)

  • Various Stardates
  • Released May 2000

Edited by Dean Wesley Smith
With John J. Ordover and Paula M. Block

Star Trek

“If I Lose Thee . . .” (First Prize)
Uhura travels back in time, courtesy of the Guardian of Forever.
Written by Sarah A. Hoyt & Rebecca Lickiss

“The Aliens are Coming”
What happened to Captain John Christopher after his experiences aboard the Enterprise?
Written by Dayton Ward

“Family Matters”
Spock visits his human aunt and discovers she is not too fond of Vulcans.
Written by Susan Ross Moore

Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Whatever You Do, Don’t Read This Story” (Third Prize)
Data recalls a story to his crewmates and causes much turmoil.
Written by Robert T. Jeschonek

“A Private Victory”
What went through Lieutenant Hawk‘s mind as he was assimilated?
Written by Tonya D. Price

“The Fourth Toast”
Captain Richard Castillo remembers the one true love in his life, Tasha Yar.
Written by Kelly Cairo

“One of Forty-Seven”
Life in the Nexus snatched away.
Written by E. Catherine Tobler

“A Q to Swear By”
Q influenced the Riker family even in Earth‘s past.
Written by Shane Zeranski

“The Change of Seasons”
Picard asks for a miracle from Geordi.
Written by Logan Page

“Out of the Box, Thinking”
Moriarty saves the day.
Written by Jerry M. Wolfe

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

“Ninety-Three Hours” (Second Prize)
Ezri Tigan becomes joined with the Dax symbiont.
Written by Kim Sheard

“Dorian’s Diary”
A cadet from Red Squad tries to adjust after a life-changing incident.
Written by G. Wood

“The Bottom Line”
Nog tries his hand at the Kobayashi Maru scenario.
Written by Andrew (Drew) Morby

“The Best Defense”
Bashir and O’Brien play in the battle at the Alamo.
Written by John Takis

“An Errant Breeze”
Damar‘s son, Sakal, realizes the true sacrifice made by his father.
Written by Gordon Gross

Star Trek: Voyager

“The Ones Left Behind”
Lieutenant Carey‘s wife, left behind on Earth, waits to hear word about Voyager‘s fate.
Written by Mary Wiecek

“The Second Star”
An alien walks in the woods and stumbles into an injured Chakotay.
Written by Diana Kornfeld

“The Monster Hunters”
Paris and Kim try to rescue Naomi from a monster.
Written by Ann Nagy

“Gift of the Mourners”
The Voyager crew rescues someone unusual from an exploding vessel.
Written by Jackee Crowell

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