Strange New Worlds

All-new Star Trek adventures—by the fans, for the fans!

SNW-01 Cover

  • Various Stardates
  • Released July 1998

All new Star Trek adventures—by the fans, for the fans.

Here’s what you, the fans, have demanded for decades! An anthology featuring original Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager stories written by Star Trek fans, for Star Trek fans.

After a lengthy competition that drew thousands of submissions; these astounding stories, written exclusively by brand-new authors, were selected for their originality and style.

These eighteen fantastic tales tales rocket across the length and breadth of Federation time and space, from when Captain Kirk explored the galaxy on the first Starship Enterprise through Captain Picard‘s U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, from Captain Sisko‘s Deep Space Nine to Captain Janeway‘s Starship Voyager, with many fascinating stops along the way.

Find out what happens in the Star Trek universe when fans—like you—take the helm!

Edited by Dean Wesley Smith

With John J. Ordover and Paula M. Block

Introduction by Dean Wesley Smith
Afterwords written by John J. Ordover and Paula M. Block

Star Trek

“A Private Anecdote” (Grand Prize)
The vegetating body of Captain Pike is on Starbase 11, but his mind is still active.
Written by Landon Cary Dalton

“The Last Tribble”
For the last seventeen years, Cyrano Jones has been picking up tribbles on Space Station K-7, and the end is in sight.
Written by Keith L. David

“The Lights in the Sky” (Third Prize)
Federation Ambassador Shanna, from the episode “The Gamesters of Triskelion,” looks for her rescuer, Captain Kirk.
Written by Phaedra M. Weldon

In the last moment before Kirk dies on Veridian III, the Organians show him his life if he had resigned his commission upon returning from the Guardian of Forever and Edith Keeler‘s death.
Written by Dayton Ward

Star Trek: The Next Generation

“What Went Through Data’s Mind 0.68 Seconds Before the Satellite Hit”
What happens during a span of time that to Data, feels like an eternity.
Written by Dylan Otto Krider

“The Naked Truth”
Barclay is terrified assuming his first command.
Written by Jerry M. Wolfe

“The First”
Stumbling upon a small ship, the crew finds Werta, the first person from her planet to venture out into deep space.
Written by Peg Robinson

“See Spot Run”
Data‘s cat, Spot, escapes from his quarters and minor system failures start to plague the ship.
Written by Kathy Oltion

“Together Again, for the First Time”
A story of Picard‘s first meeting with Guinan, who helps the Stargazer crew try to locate their kidnapped captain.
Written by Bobbie Benton Hull

“Civil Disobedience”
In a Borg-assimilated Earth, Q wanders through the devastation and ponders what might have happened if he didn’t introduce the Enterprise to the Borg.
Written by Alara Rogers

“Of Cabbages and Kings” (Second Prize)
The crewless Enterprise stumbles upon another empty vessel, the Carpenter.
Written by Franklin Thatcher

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

“Life’s Lessons”
Nog, just back from the Academy, offers to pilot Keiko O’Brien to Bajor.
Written by Christina F. York

“Where I Fell Before My Enemy”
Answering a distress call, the Defiant finds the Amhurst minutes before the warp core is going to blow.
Written by Vince Bonasso

Star Trek: Voyager

“Good Night, Voyager”
The ship experiences a massive system failure in the bio-neural network, creating a race to enable repairs before life support ceases.
Written by Patrick Cumby

“Ambassador at Large”
Answering a distress call, the Voyager attempts to rescue the inhabitant of a small vessel when Mondasian fighters suddenly surround both ships.
Written by J.A. Rosales

A woman named Ranaii is looking at the stars and trying to encourage her husband, Chakotay, to join her in stargazing.
Written by jaQ Andrews

“I, Voyager”
A being able to change its shape and appearance at will finds the crew of Voyager a fascinating species to study.
Written by Jackee C.

Told entirely in log entries, the crew discovers a new type of nebula.
Written by Craig D.B. Patten

Because We Can

Star Trek

“The Man Who Sold the Sky”
A tribute to The Great Bird of the Galaxy.
Written by John J. Ordover

“The Girl Who Controlled Gene Kelly’s Feet”
A psychological profile of Yeoman Third Class Minnie Moskowitz of the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Written by Paula M. Block

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