Nova Command

Cadet Picard’s first space mission could be his last!

SFA-TNG #09 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released December 1995

Cadet Jean-Luc Picard is struggling through his first year at the Academy. He’s near the top of his classes, right behind Roger Wells. Jean-Luc is determined to do everything better and bigger than Roger. But privately he has doubts. And the lack of communication from home only reminds him of how badly he left things with his father.

Then Jean-Luc and his friend, Marta, discover they’ve been selected to fly with the Nova Command team, a special training mission through the solar system. This is no simulation – it’s the real thing! Jean-Luc tries to ignore the presence of Roger, but the pressure builds between the two cadets. When the mission leader falls ill and the ship receives a distress call, Jean-Luc and the other cadets must decide whether to obey orders or attempt a rescue… as the ship heads for disaster!

Written by: Brad and Barbara Strickland


Guest Cast:

Friday, September 4th, 2009 Books, Logs, Next Generation, Starfleet Academy

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