Capture the Flag

Geordi’s headed for danger on a distant planet!

SFA-TNG #04 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released June 1994

It’s Geordi‘s first year at Starfleet Academy, and it isn’t going well. He’s been all over the galaxy with his Starfleet parents, and his blindness has not been a handicap, thanks to his VISOR. But somehow he’s always picked last for competitive teams, and deep down he wants to be just like all the other confident students.

When he defeats Cadet Jack Pettey‘s top-ranked team in an elimination game, he wins the respect of his classmates…and the hatred of Pettey. The big, aggressive cadet promises revenge, and the scheduled training exercises on Saffair are just the place.

Saffair is an uninhabited planet with less gravity than Earth. The cadets are under a great deal of pressure to perform well in the important and challenging games. The team Geordi assembles includes an Andorian, a Tellarite, a Vulcan, and a Saurian. They are not an impressive bunch, but they’re all determined to do their best.

Geordi and his team soon find themselves struggling against the ruthless Jack Pettey, who is determined to get revenge on Geordi…and will stop at nothing to win!

Written by: John Vornholt


Guest Cast:

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