Riskadh class

Riskadh class (FASA-2301)
Riskadh class (FASA-2301)

In 2254, the Riskadh class cruiser—or D-10, as it was designated by Starfleet—was commissioned into service, the design of which was strongly influenced by the D-7. The Klingon Empire hoped to counter Starfleet’s Constitution class cruisers with this new vessel. The Four Years War was in its second year, and the Klingons had learned some lessons as well. The Riskadh class used the same command pod as the D-7, thus eliminating the need for additional production facilities. As a result, it had the same capabilities as the D-7’s pod; namely, the ability to be jettisoned and have independent sub-light engines, life-support, and weapons. In February 2256, Starfleet captured a pod that had been jettisoned during the Battle of Kesse, sixteen months earlier; the crew was alive and as well as could be expected.[1]


  Original Refit
Length 266 meters[1] 264 meters[1]
Width 157 meters[1] 157 meters[1]
Height 32 meters[1] 30 meters[1]
Mass 143,800 metric tons[1] 154,250 metric tons[1]
Crew 532[1] 530[1]
Troops 240[1] 0[1]
Passengers 0[1] 20[1]
Shuttlecraft 8[1] 12[1]
Cruising Speed Warp 7[1] Warp 7[1]
Emergency Speed Warp 8[1] Warp 8[1]
Weapons 6 KD-9 disruptors; 2 KD-3 disruptors; 1 torpedo launcher[1] 10 KD-13 disruptors; 2 torpedo launchers[1]

The main hull of early D-10s contained the engineering section, shuttlebays, crew quarters, and assault troop barracks. Later models were refit beginning in 2278, replacing the barracks with large research facilities. The shuttle hangars were located on the upper wing surface of the main hull and were seen as two large doors. Directly aft of these doors were the aft-facing disruptors; the aft torpedo launcher on the refit models was at the stern, just below the impulse exhaust port.[1]

The Riskadh class was the only ship class named in honor of the House of Riskadh, which ended with its founder, Kahless the Unforgettable. Riskadh class ships were manufactured at the Taamar, Gnuu Re’, Fonawl, Z’hai, and Mustaka facilities. The Riskadh class entered service in mid-2254 and the first ships were rapidly sent into combat, where they quickly proved to be among the most powerful and feared ships the Klingons had to offer. If it had not been for the superior tactics of Starfleet’s commanders, the outcome of the Four Years War could have been far different; they were able to neutralize the superior weapons range of the Riskadh class in many cases. The Klingons would frequently send in a single Riskadh class ship with three to six destroyers. The Starfleet ships would leave the system, making it appear to be unprotected, then return from several different directions, taking the unsuspecting Klingons in flanking attacks. The tactic was not always successful, but it did deter the Klingons from mounting many attacks into the interior of Federation space. The end of the war saw the advent of new weapons technologies on the Federation side, shifting the balance back into Starfleet’s favor.[1]


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