Reyes, Diego

Commanding officer of Starbase 47, as well as the person responsible for overseeing the mission to discover the secrets of the Taurus Reach. A man of strong conviction and principles as well as an unwavering loyalty to Starfleet and the Federation, Reyes found himself gripped in a crisis of conscience. The secret nature of his mission and the potential it carried to destabilize the relations between the Federation and its neighbors forced him to take questionable and even illegal actions. Forced by circumstance and political expediency to cover up the truth behind the destruction of the U.S.S. Bombay, a starship assigned to Starbase 47,[1] Reyes was later forced to lay waste to the surface of Gamma Tauri IV in an effort to contain a Shedai threat.[2] The action, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of Federation and Klingon colonists, eventually led Reyes to allow the publication of an exposé by journalistm Tim Pennington that revealed much of the truth behind the Shedai and the menace they represented.[2] As a result, Reyes was arrested and charged with violoation of Starfleet regulations. En route to his court martial, his ship was destroyed and he was presumed to have been killed, but in reality he had been abducted by Klingons and soon found himself at the mercy of those he had once considered to be his adversaries.[3]


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