Ranger class

Ranger class (Decipher #3)
Ranger class (Decipher #3)

Starfleet‘s primary explorer during the early 23rd century, the Ranger class served as an excellent backup to the later Constitution class during the latter half of the century. Initially responsible for everything from first contact surveys to covert operations against Klingon prison worlds, the Ranger class later settled into a comfortable role on sector patrol, diplomatic convoy, and other support operations. However, Starfleet’s chronic ship shortage before the dawn of replicator-assisted construction in the 2270s meant that Ranger class crews had to be ready for anything and used to everything.[3]

Although computationally underpowered, the Ranger class was otherwise a top-quality ship. Its revolutionary tritanium construction, combined with full implementation of the M-2196 Impulse Engine, made it stronger and faster than most other 23rd century craft. Spaceframe designer Marc Chausser‘s work allowed a larger crew more access to critical systems, and maximized living and working space. With the Ranger class, Starfleet gained the ability to project a critical mass of specialists (and force) anywhere in known space.[3]


Length 227 meters
Height 55 meters
Width 130 meters
Decks 14
Crew 287
Shuttlecraft 3


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