Beta Quadrant

Beta Quadrant (STEncy)
Beta Quadrant (STEncy)

One quarter of the Milky Way Galaxy located between 3 and 6 o’clock if the great plane of the galaxy was viewed as a clockface and the 6 o’clock position bisected the Sol System. The bulk of the Klingon and Romulan Empires were also in the Beta Quadrant.[1]

Sectors 002 (Alpha Centauri Sector) and 008 (Ophiuchus Sector)

Sectors 005 (Vulcan Sector) and 006 (Andorian Sector)

Acamar Sector

Aldebaran Sector

Archanis Sector

Bolarus Sector

  • Bassen Rift
  • Bolarus System:
    Bolarus IX (Bolian homeworld): Cliffs of Bole; Starbase 307
    Bolarus VII, X, XII (Bolian Colonies)
  • Science Station Tango Sierra
  • Starbase 10

Deneva Sector

Devron Sector

  • Devron System
  • Eden

Donatu Sector

  • Donatu System: Donatu V
  • Mu Leonis System: Ardana
  • Sherman’s Planet: Deep Space K-7

Glintara (031, 1607) Sector

Hyralan (Quebec) Sector

  • Galorndon Core
  • Hyralan (Alpha Caeli) System
  • Qualor System: Qualor II
  • Tomed System

Kaleb (Sierra) Sector

Mempa Sector

Onias Sector

Organia Sector

Qo’noS Sector

  • Delta Leporis System: Brestant
  • Qo’noS: Praxis

Regulus Sector

Risa Sector

  • 37 Geminorum System: Kantare
  • Briar Patch (aka Klach D’kel Bracht): Ba’ku Homeworld
  • Castor (Alpha Geminorum)
  • Elora Homeworld
  • Epsilon Ceti System
    Risa: Galartha, Suraya Bay
  • FGC-983
  • Mazar
  • Paraagan Colony
  • Son’a Planet
  • Tarlac Homeworld

Tarod Sector (Sector 030)

  • Omicron Gruis System: Cheron
  • Nimbus III
  • Romulan System: Romulus: Cardassian Embassy; Remus

Taugan (Romeo) Sector

  • 83 Leonis System: Cheron
  • Gamma Equulei System: Taugus

Vendor Sector

  • Vendor System

Xarantine Sector

  • Xarantine (Zeta Leporis) System

Z-6 Sector

  • Starbase 718

Other Sectors

Starbases, Space Stations, and Outposts


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