Alpha Quadrant

Alpha Quadrant (STEncy)
Alpha Quadrant (STEncy)

One quarter of the Milky Way Galaxy appearing to be located between 6 and 9 o’clock if the great plane of the galaxy is viewed as a clockface and the 6 o’clock position bisects the Sol system. The quadrant was home to the bulk of the Federation and the Cardassian Union, along with Bajor and its adjacent wormhole, which bridged a 70,000-light-year shortcut to the Gamma Quadrant.[1]

Sectors 001 (Sol Sector) and 007 (Tellar Sector)

Sectors 003 (Terra Nova Sector) and 004 (Sigma Draconis Sector)

  • 10 Canum Venaticorum System
  • Alpha V Colony
  • Beta Canum Venaticorum System
  • Deneb Kaitos (Beta 16 Ceti) System: Deneb V
  • Eta Cassiopeiae System: Terra Nova (Eta Cassiopeiae III)
  • Groombridge 34 System
  • Sigma Draconis System: Sigma Draconis VI
  • Tau Ceti System: Kaferia
  • Van Maanen’s Star
  • Xyrillia: Thera

Algira Sector

Almatha Sector

Antares Sector

Bajoran Sector

Beloti Sector

  • Argaya
  • Beloti
  • Penthara IV
  • Starbase 214

Betazed Sector

  • 39 Tauri System: Tandar
  • Beta Zeta System: V: Betazed
  • Capella IV (Alpha Aurigae IV)
  • Dakala
  • Mu Ceti System: Malcor
  • Rho Geminorum System: Preenos
  • Starbase G-6
  • Tagra
  • Tendaras Cluster

Cardassian Sector

Dorvan Sector

Ferengi Sector

  • Ferenginar

Kalandra Sector

  • Caldik System: Caldik Prime
  • Draygo System
  • Epsilon Ursae Majoris System: Alioth
  • Farius System: Farius Prime
  • Hanolan System
  • Klaestron System: Klaestron III
  • Lya System: Lya Station Alpha
  • Trill System: Trillius Prime

Tzenkethi Sector

  • Helaspont Nebula
  • Orelious System: Orellius
  • Starbase 621
  • Tzenketh

Other sectors

Starbases, Space Stations, and Outposts


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