Excalibur, Book One: Requiem

Who has survived the destruction of the Starship Excalibur?

NF #09 Cover

  • Stardate Unknown
  • Released September 2000

When the U.S.S. Excalibur was suddenly and mercilessly destroyed, Starfleet lost one of its finest starships. But the crew members of the Excalibur lost their captain . . . and their home. Now, in mourning for their ship and Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, First Officer Elizabeth Shelby and the rest of the crew await their new assignments.

For Lieutenant Soleta, that means a painful reunion with her Romulan father, while Zak Kebron and Mark McHenry are sent undercover to investigate a series of mysterious alien abductions on a low-tech world. Going their separate ways throughout the Alpha Quadrant, the Excalibur‘s survivors must face diverse challenges and dangers on their own.

The ship is history, but the adventure continues . . .

Written by: Peter David


Guest Cast:


Soleta faced the man who had raped her mother, and was, because of that act, her father.

“I am no threat,” he said. “Do you believe that?”

She looked away from him. “I . . . would like to believe it. I would like to think that no one is beyond redemption. But it is impossible for me simply to forget what you have done.”

“No. No need, Soleta . . . I know that apologies oftentimes cannot be nearly enough . . . but in the end, it is all I have to give.”

They headed in the direction of his apartment in silence. He was walking slowly, and Soleta noticed that he was developing a slight limp. She wondered how much longer he truly had. If she were dying, she would be doing everything she could to put to rights anything that she had done wrong. What was it like for there to be things in one’s past that could never, ever truly be put right?

They passed the alley where they had first really “encountered” each other. The shadows were stretching, much as they had that first time. And hands reached from the darkness, grabbed both Soleta and Rajari, and hauled them into the alley . . .

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