Negh’var class

Negh'Var (DS9-473-474)
Negh’Var (DS9-473-474)

The largest ship in the Klingon Defense Force fleet, the Negh’var class represented the pinnacle of Klingon design and made for an impressive display of might. Roughly comparable to the size of Starfleet‘s Galaxy class ships, and following the dictate “more is better,” the Klingons constructed the class with the largest engines, the most powerful disruptors, and the best cloaking device available to them.[4]

The size and number of offensive systems declared the Negh’var‘s intent. A large, forward-mounted disruptor cannon, four torpedo launchers (two forward, two aft), and numerous disruptor emplacements around the ship’s hull made a Negh’var class ship a formidable opponent. The ship’s targeting computers allowed for the tracking of multiple targets, while individual disruptors could either be fired by individual gunners or centralized through tactical station on the bridge. The main gun—the giant forward disruptor cannon—fired the ship’s most devastating shot. The Klingons also equipped the four torpedo launchers with the most powerful and advanced missiles in their arsenal—plasma torpedoes originally obtained a century earlier from the Romulans. As with the Vor’cha and K’t’inga classes, the Negh’var typically would soften up an opponent with its main gun and torpedo barrages while closing in to optimal range for its disruptors.[4]

The Negh’var‘s operations systems reflected Klingon practicality; the ship’s tractor beams were used to hold an opponent in place while individual weapons opened fire on it, as well as to tow prizes back to Qo’noS. The sensors, like those of other 24th century vessels, were below the standard set by most Starfleet vessels, but adequate to the job. Its systems, however, were quite impressive, with multiply redundant relays diminishing the chance of a catastrophic loss of capability during battle.[4]

For a ship of its size, the Negh’var traveled at a considerable speed. It was equipped with redundant impulse engines to provide sufficient thrust in relativistic space. Like the other systems, drive systems were built to be reliable and durable. Although capable of traveling faster than a B’rel or K’vort class ship, this was detracted by the fact that the class maneuvered like a brick in space.[4]

When the Negh’var class first began construction at the Qo’noS Orbital Factory Base in 2369, the Klingons had recently emerged from a brief civil war. Although the House of Duras, which had been the architect of the rebellion, had been cast out in shame, the new chancellor, Gowron, felt the need for a ship more powerful than the Vor’cha class. While the battleships used by previous chancellors were impressive, Gowron wanted a ship that demonstrated not only the might of the Klingon Empire, but also his own formidable power. Klingon engineers designed the Negh’var to compete with, and perhaps exceed, the Federation‘s Galaxy class, as well as the gigantic D’Deridex class of the Romulan Star Empire. Gowron, however, ensured that the Negh’var remained a class of only one.[4]

Launched in 2371, the Negh’var saw battle several times after its construction. When the Cardassians‘ civilian government, the Detapa Council, ousted the military’s Central Command from power, the Klingons suspected a Dominion plot. Seeing glory in his grasp, Gowron dispatched a fleet to Cardassia for the glory of the Empire and the safety of the Alpha Quadrant, with the Negh’var, commanded by General Martok, in the lead. The ship performed well during the invasion, as smaller B’rel and K’vort class warships swarmed the Cardassians’ Galor class cruisers, all lorded over by the Negh’var. The fleet followed the escaping Detapa Council to Deep Space 9, but was driven off by the station’s newly-upgraded defensive weapons.[1] The Negh’var performed well enough that Gowron ordered two more ships.[4] The ship would continue to see battle during the Dominion War, in which it played a decisive role.[2]

When Martok assumed the office of chancellor, the Negh’var remained his command ship and he authorized the construction of several more. As the ship began mass production, they were expected to eventually replace the Vor’cha class.[4]

Ships of the class

Name Registry
I.K.S. Hegh’Mar[4] IKS-7503
I.K.S. K’mpec[4] IKS-7502
I.K.S. Kormat[4] IKS-7501
I.K.S. Mogh[4] IKS-7504
I.K.S. Negh’Var[1] IKS-7500[4]


Length 682.32 meters[3, 4]
Width 470.09 meters[3, 4]
Height 136.65 meters[3, 4]
Decks 28[4]
Mass 4,310,000 metric tons[3, 4]
Crew 2500[3, 4]
Cruising Speed Warp 7[4]
Emergency Speed Warp 9.6[3, 4]
Weapons 10 K-GDM-3 disruptors; 1 K-GDC-1 disruptor;[4] 4 torpedo launchers[3, 4]


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