Mas To Gal class

Mas To Gal class (FASA-2301)
Mas To Gal class (FASA-2301)

Length 270 meters[1]
Width 165 meters[1]
Height 60 meters[1]
Mass 88,200 metric tons[1]
Crew 76[1]
Troops 1400[1]
Shuttlecraft 15[1]
Cruising Speed Warp 6[1]
Emergency Speed Warp 8[1]
Weapons 6 KD-11 disruptors[1]

The Mas To Gal class assault ship, designated the T-5 by Starfleet, began production in late 2261, and was capable of beaming down 292 troops, eight light support vehicles, and two tanks every two minutes. In less than ten minutes, its entire complement of 1400 troops, 32 light support vehicles, and eight tanks could be on the ground and ready to attack. Of the 343 built by 2281, 273 remained in active service, four were in reserve fleets, 47 had been destroyed, and eighteen had been sold to the civil sector. Named from a Klingon term meaning “throne seeker,” the class was manufactured at Fonawl and Mustaka at the rate of 14 per year.[1]


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